Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The poison of politics is spreading over the minds of the Indians; it became a part and parcel of every life and covered us from head to toe. Whether it is a Mangalore pub case or Sanjay dutt’s decision of MP, we do politics in every field. Rather than taking some reformative step, we indulge in making it more complex.
The former case of Manglore pub- what is the problem of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Sena’ and ‘Sri Rama Sene’ groups? Their intention is not to protect the culture of our country but to create violence and to gain a cheap publicity, like what MNS did in Maharashtra. They are the black sheep of our country.
I agree that the pub culture is against our Indian culture, but there is no justification to beat up those who make a fuss of it.
These frustrated persons have no rights to interpret our Indian culture, which they himself don’t know why it is made for.
In the other case of Sanjay Dutt, as when he announced his interest in politics, the problem of vicious circle surrounds him, first his own sister. She was not happy with his joining non-congress – SP (samajwadi party), as she thinks that he is going away from his family’s legacy.
Then the opposition party was blaming him that he is a suspected terrorist, leaving a remark of 1992 blast in Mumbai.
And now the most dedicated lawyer of the country, Ram Jethmalani is also showing his interest in him. He has written in Time’s column headed ‘why we should not vote for Sanjay’, in that he stated, “I have been Sanjay dutt’s lawyer and for that reason only I cannot freely speak about him but imperatives of national interest compel me to say at least this much, ‘he doesn’t deserve to be a member of parliament and any political party that sets him up as its candidate is totally impervious to the security of the nation…”
Now what can I say about him, how much more freely he wants to speak after writing everything in his column in Times of India.
Where were these imperatives? When he was trying to save ‘Manu Sharma’ prime suspect of Jessica lal case and now he is talking about imperatives for his country, when Sanjay dutt is electing for MP from Lucknow, the same place where ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee’, his party leader stands for the same post on every election.
The truth is, Ram jethmalani is doing politics in the name of his party, BJP (Bharati Janata Party). He is presenting all those instance of the pending case of Sanjay to restrict him to become MP, Mr. Jethmalani, you are a good lawyer but not a good politician.
Sanjay was convicted and sentenced to six year imprisonment for possessing illegal arms during the 1993 Mumbai blasts; he is currently on bail and his appeal against conviction is pending in the Supreme Court.
According to Section 8(3) of the Representation of the people Act 1951, a person convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for two years or more, is disqualified from contesting parliament or assembly elections.
In November 2006, a bench ruled that a person sentenced to imprisonment for two years or above can contest elections, if his/her conviction is stayed by a superior court before filing of nomination papers.
In a January 2007, the Supreme Court stayed the conviction of cricketer-turned BJP candidate Navjot Sidhu, who sought a mandate to a Lok sabha seat following his conviction in a road rage case, allowing him to enter the electoral fray.
I am not going against the law, but then also we should not prevent good persons like Sanjay Dutt to become a politician, we need good politician.
I hope, Supreme Court would give him permission to stand in a 2009 election.



Afzal said...

Dude............everything that you wrote in this article is based on reality........All the facts are known still unknown......

People know it they can't remember the same.

This is the reason, corrupt politics is working great in India.


corruption is part of human life, we cannot ignore it but by the efforts of our laws and regulation we minimize it to a great extent.

i feel shame when our raucaus leaders indulged in cheap politics and throwing thier image into a dirty politicians.