Saturday, February 14, 2009


And the credit goes to …the liberal Indian youth who plotted to send pink underwear to fundamentalist Hindus on Valentine’s Day in retaliation for their attack on woman drinking in a pub in Mangalore. The whole event is termed as “Pink Chaddi Campaign”.
At last our youth generation showed their unity and gave strong setback to the Sri Ram Sene group. Though it is satirical (gowdy) in some sense, but then also it is good method to take reprisal. This entire episode is definitely a shameful retribution for Pramod Muthalik and his Sena.
But the question is wandering, whether this campaign could flown and shown it colors and would be able to stop the action of these fanatics?
As we all know, the root cause or the motives of Ram sene group behind these activities. Indeed, it is obvious that their motive is not to prevent our culture but to gain publicity; which will help them in the coming election. They just want to increase their eggs (vote) in the general election of 2009.
What we have to do is to elevate a protest against their nominations; we should prevent them to gain a seat in the elections. But the worst thing is, still there are peoples who after knowing everything will go and vote for Ram Sene group and foolishly increase their seats. Because of these fool peoples; our true sense democracy is not able to be a functional democracy.
We raise our voice against the candidature of Sanjay Dutt and ready to publish each and every negative aspect of him, and what about Pramod muthalik, do we forget that he is a prime convict for Malegaon case; he is one of those who planned, conspired and carried a Malegaon blast. Now where is the person like Ram Jethamalani and their imperatives for national interest, is it not a matter of nation’s security?
Unfortunately, we in India have a short attention span – what hurts today, heals tomorrow and because of this we forget the heinous work of the persons like Pramod Muthalik and Swami Pragya Singh and lead them to become our leaders. But one can keep the fire burning by sparing a few moments to just listen – to watch – to reflect. Why do we want Pakistan to ban certain radical outfits, when we have so many sub-national agencies for own that are so actively destroying people’s faith in the system.
I am not all against the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign’; it is a good unite effort by our young generation. But it will be better, if we take some constructive step to remove all this obstacles in our politics, instead of starting these useless campaigns.


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The Thinker - just a human... said...

yup..u are right..we tend to forget such ill-minded people and also their sick doings in just few days....the pink chaddi is a kind of a revolution....gr8 concept....

perfect answer to that sick man and his men