Sunday, March 14, 2010


4:o6 AM, Sunday, 14th march

Just finished watching a movie, INGLORIUS BASTARDS, fantastic movie, really like the concept though not understands properly. Why can’t our directors make such kind of movie? It’s really very weird to watch the beyond kind of concept in those Hollywood movies. I mean how far they think, they just convert their exact imagination into the movie. And that is the way to get success, when you are able to present yourself as same as you want them to understand. Every writer has a very beautiful concept but he fails because he is not able to write what he has initially thought to write. And that is the point in film making as well, film making is a huge process, a large amount of effort we need for one film. Think, why Aamir Khan known as a perfectionist? Because he percept everything about the character, he knows how to do it, he doesn’t depend upon the directors, he act just as like as he thought to be act. A certain kind of picture comes in our mind when we thought about something, and if we can able to make that picture in the reality then it would be the best picture because it depicts our exact imagination. That is what we need to do in any type of art, whether it is painting or directing a picture. An art could be anything, it doesn’t need explanation unlike science it’s just need expression of human mind.
Well apart from this philosophical theory of art, it is really been unfair from my part that I am very irregular in hosting and posting my blog, I know you are least bother to it, but I am bothering with my this attitude. I hate synonymity, I just want changes in my life, I can’t be same for forever so as my life.
And really I hate the politics of our country, same, same and same. Identical politics of identity, this is one of the major reason that I lost interest in writing, I can’t write on the same issues which generated on every same minute in our same country. Now please don’t say that who told you to write on politics. Blabbermouths of our politician are the key to success for our news channels. They blabber and news channel blabber it again with their blabbering technique, everybody is blabbering. So easy to earn money, I think beggars are also blabbered a lot. No difference…
Another reason for not coming here is that I made an account in twitter, now very easy to post your ideas in just 140 limits of letters, no need to blabber much. Thank God. So I express my incest desires of polity on that only in a very short, cheap, best and fast way.
Sorry have to leave now, its 5:02 AM; I think I should sleep though I don’t care much because today is Sunday. Enjoy Sunday with sleep and take rest as much as u can. Nobody will disturb you today coz it’s Sunday. A very good and sleepy morning…….byeeeeeeeee….take cares ….love youuuu….all….

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